Leo Palliardi

Leo Palliardi

Financial Advisor

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When I was in the Army, the government entrusted me with issuing and maintaining millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and supplies soldiers would need to complete their mission.  Serving in the Quartermaster Corps; “the Sustainer of Armies”; I had to keep accurate records of all equipment, including vehicles, weapons, and other tools unique to the unit and issue them in working order for use in the field.  If there was any damage or wear, I had to repair or replace in order to ensure my soldiers had everything they needed to get the job done. I also had to train individuals on proper use and maintenance in order to maximize the reliability and lifespan of the equipment I also had to supply them with food while deployed in the field which made me a popular figure amongst the troops.  Simply put, an army cannot operate without a Quartermaster and a solid supply chain of support behind it.

My career in financial planning is not much different. Since 2002, clients have entrusted me with their valuable savings so that one day when they need it I can be there ready to help them deploy their monies for a new mission, whether it be for retirement , college, or some other use in out in the world. They have expected me to keep accurate records and maintain their investment and retirement dollars so that monies are available when clients need them most.  I spend time with clients throughout the year understanding their needs and help by educating them on best practices for maintaining their financial freedom so they can be confident in their ability to live the way they want to.  As you are embarking on your life mission, I am ready to help understand your needs, help you acquire the tools you’ll need, help maintain those tools, and provide ongoing advice along the way.  Lastly, financial planning can be very complex, but I subscribe to the Army acronym, KISS…. Keep it Simple Stupid.



Financial Planning-projections and solutions

Investment Management- Growth or protection depending on the stage of life you are in

Risk Management-Insurance and other strategies to protect against unforeseen events

Education and Pep talks



AAMS- Accredited Asset Management Specialist

CRPS- Certified Retirement Plans Specialist

Series 7 General Securities license

Series 66 Investment Advisor license

CT Health & Life insurance license

BA; University of CT 2000

US Army 1995-1998